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Finance News April 2024

Sale & Leaseback commercial property (Europe & UK):

-        Applicable in most European countries, for commercial property only.

-        Asset needs to be occupied by the borrower.

-        Cash release valuation based on estimated market rent.

-        4 million minimum Ticket.


SAAS & Subscription Revenue Finance (Europe, US, UK, Internationally):

-        Advances up to 30% of Annual Recurrent Revenue.

-        Revenue Finance up to £10m.

-        Rates in the 11% region.

-        Unsecured.


Advances against R&D Tax Credits (UK):

-        Loan advances up to 75% of R&D Tax Credit.

-        HRMC approval not required.

-        Bypasses credit – can be applicable for loss-making businesses.

-        No Personal Guarantee required.


Asset Loans (US only):

-        Term Loans secured on Plant, Machinery and Vehicles, up to max 80% of Forced Liquidation Value (“FLV”).

-        $1m to $20m tickets.

-        Repayment terms up to 60 months.

-        Bridge Loans, Acquisition Financing, Sale & Leasebacks, DIP Loans, Note Purchases.


Property refinance in business acquisitions (UK):

-        Automatic refinance after 12 months to a 6 year Term Loan.

-        Mix of Bridging and Term Loan Financing solutions in business acquisitions.

-        Available for “PropCo + OpCo” or properties on balance sheet.

-        Max 65% LTV without sponsor (buyer) contribution.


Institutional lender finance solution (UK, US, Holland, Germany):

-        Wholesale lending facilities for ABL lenders, as co-finance.

-        Min 5m ticket

-        Mezzanine or junior positions are possible.

-        Cost of finance in line with existing lenders/investors.


Commercial property refinance (UK, Germany, Netherlands, Spain):

-        Occupied or unoccupied.

-        Minimum Euro 1m ticket.

-        Costs of finance from 9%/year.

-        Flexible solutions including cross-jurisdictional and cross-asset.


Property asset finance (worldwide):

-        Needs to be owned by a Jersey, Luxembourg or another reputable jurisdiction company.

-        Residential property assets only (except main residence).

-        Equity release, Bridging loans.

-        Minimum 1m finance.


Property development finance (Europe & UK):

-        Max 70% LTV or 80% LTC.

-        Min 10m, max 100m.

-        Can include construction finance and/or redevelopment finance.

-        First Degree mortgage required.


AR & Acquisition Finance (Europe, North America):

-        Financing based on Accounts Receivable “AR” as an asset.

-        Minimum 10m, to 200m.

-        AR finance in any sector.

-        Acquisitions are considered.


Sale & Leaseback commercial solutions (UK and Europe):

-        Release cash from your existing property commercial asset.

-        Solution for businesses to acquire the premises where they trade from.

-        Up to £10m value transactions.

-        MBOs and MBIs are considered.


Buy-Now-Pay-Later for B2B marketplaces (UK, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland & Cyprus):

-        Sales financing solution for E-commerce merchants and Marketplaces.

-        Buyers can be in Europe, North America, India, Middle East and Australasia.

-        Embedded Finance in the sales process.

-        Different currencies supported – GBP, EURO, USD.


Unsecured lending for SMEs (Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands):

-        Up to €200k unsecured, possible up to €2m secured.

-        Term loans and leases considered.

-        Decisions in less than 24 hours.

-        Transactional events are considered (M&A).


Commodity trading finance:

-        Agricultural and Base Minerals finance.

-        AR, AP, Purchase Order, Structured Finance and Letters of Credit.

-        Flexible options based on stock and inventory.

-        Cost of finance from 5.7% annualized.


Hospitality finance (Greater London area, UK):

-        For restaurants, coffee shops with a minimum 2 separate units in operation.

-        Up to £500k credit lines.

-        Unsecured.

-        Limited to the Greater London area only.


Supply Chain finance (UK & EU):

-        Credit limits from £100k to £5m.

-        Unsecured.

-        Payment to suppliers can be done earlier, on a flexible basis.

-        Cost of finance from 1.3%/month.


Supply Chain Finance (UK):

-        Credit limits from £20k to £2m.

-        Unsecured.

-        Repayment tenor up to 75 days.

-        Cost of finance from 0,65%.


Cash flow finance (UK):

-        Secured & unsecured cash flow finance.

-        No PG required.

-        Rates from 13%/year.

-        Can be done with third party guarantors.


Combined Term Sheets for Trade Finance (International):

-        Credit lines and structured trade finance solutions in one term sheet.

-        Can be applicable to any company, in any jurisdiction, anywhere in the world.

-        Mid-market and large businesses are considered.

-        Combined cost of finance from 4%/year annualized.


Recruitment sector finance (UK):

-        Up to 100% Timesheet/invoice finance.

-        PG and Debentures may not be required.

-        UK-based companies with domestic and international clients.

-        Cost from 1,5% Utilization.


Marine/shipping sector – port agent prepayments finance:

-        Specific for international marine/shipping sector.

-        Unsecured facility for shipping companies to pay/prepay port agents.

-        Can be revolving, up to 4 months tenor.

-        Cost of finance from 0,6%/month.


Invoice Finance (Switzerland):

-        Revolving Loan Facility.

-        Security is a Non-disclosed Assignment of Receivables only.

-        Swiss and international debtors are possible.

-        Usage of facility can be intra-group (if group structures).


Stock Finance (UK):

-        Identifiable and “Durable” assets only.

-        Revolving Credit Facility – max 3 months tenor.

-        Cost of finance circa 1%/month.

-        Flexible guarantee arrangement but always including Retention Of Title (ROT).


Stock Finance (UK):

-        Stocking facility for new and existing stock.

-        Max £300k line of credit.

-        Revolving Credit Facility.

-        PG required plus Floating Charge.


Interest-only finance for commercial properties (UK):

-        Interest-only repayments for commercial properties.

-        Terms up to 7 years,

-        Cost of finance from 6,5%.

-        Any commercial asset considered.


Commercial property finance with ABL facilities (UK):

-        Adequate for acquisitions where property assets outweigh other asset classes.

-        Accounts Receivable, Tangible Assets would be considered in the finance mix.

-        Cost of finance in line with high street banking products.

-        Debenture and PG required.


E-commerce Acquisition finance (UK, US, Canada):

-        Common Law jurisdictions only (UK, US, Canada, etc)

-        Minimum 15% equity contribution from the buyer.

-        Targets need to be profitable and have affordability.

-        All-Asset-Debenture required, no Personal Guarantee required.


Independent securitized credit insurance solutions for Trade Finance and Debtor protection:

-        Could be applicable to any sector, in any country.

-        Will require a financing facility backed by the credit insurance.

-        Potentially no security required.

-        From $100k to any amount.


Unsecured credit line for large projects (UK, US and Europe):

-        Available for medium and large companies – minimum 20 million turnover.

-        Max 6 months term.

-        Doesn’t require Credit Insurance.

-        No security required.


Sale & Leaseback marine shipping assets (International):

-        Sale & Leaseback financing solutions for ships - amounts advanced to the shipowner, as a % of the value of the vessel.

-        Financing for the purchase of shipping companies, using Sale & Leaseback on marine assets.

-        Up to 50% of the market value advanced.

-        Repayment terms up to 5 years.


Revenue Finance for E-commerce sector (International):

-        Lend up to 2 X monthly revenues, as a Revolving Credit Facility. The borrower decides how much to draw down, and when to draw down.

-        Repayment term is up to the borrower’s discretion – the borrower decides how much, and when to pay, with no fixed term.

-        Pay-As-You-Use: no usage, no fees.

-        Cost of finance: from 8,5%/year.


Revenue based finance (US):

-        Sector Agnostic.

-        Lending up to 20% of annual revenue

-        Rates between 12% and 15%

-        Terms up to 4 years repayment.


Construction Finance (US):

-        Progress Billing and Staged Payments included.

-        From $200k credit limits to $10m.

-        Corporate acquisitions could be considered.

-        ABL solution including inventory and tangible assets.


Structured Finance for property assets and business (UK):

-        Simultaneous Property Bridging and Cash Flow Loan financing solutions.

-        Can be used in acquisitions where the business owns the property – retail, care homes, education, etc.

-        Short-term and long-term solutions possible.

-        Rates from 7%.


Unsecured Cash Flow Finance up to £500k (UK):

-        Unsecured. Can be added next to existing finance charges.

-        Annual rates from 8%/year.

-        Term up to 4 years.

-        Personal Guarantee required.


Supply Chain Finance (international):

-        Unsecured finance.

-        From $100k facility size. Revolving Credit Facility.

-        Repayable any time – works like an overdraft.

-        Rates from 5%/year.


Acquisition Finance (UK):

-        Receivables to Purchase Order, combined Facility (back-to-back financing, in acquisitions).

-        Reduces risk of Working Capital shortfalls, post-acquisition.

-        Applicable for B2B segment with Purchase Orders only.

-        Up to £2m combined Facility size.


Short-term Debt Finance (UK only):

-        Minimum term 6 months, maximum 12 months

-        Repayable any time – works like an overdraft.

-        Maximum £1m facility, rates from 0.9%/month.

-        Debenture required; no PG required.


Acquisition Venture Debt (US & Europe):

-        Equity investments as equity investors in MBO and possibly MBIs.

-        From $1m/£1m/ €1m Investment Value.

-        Equity requirements from management teams are holistic.

-        Lead investor or Club Deal possible.


Supply Chain solution (Mexico):

-        Unsecured finance, from $500k to $2m.

-        Typically, the borrower is trading with North America clients and/or large corporates.

-        Charges’ structure may not need to include other Asset Classes.

-        Revolving Credit Facility, rates from 1%/month.


Inventory Finance (UK only):

-        Inventory finance, on its own, from £1m to £10m.

-        Could be used in wholesaling or B2C trading businesses.

-        Charges’ structure may not need to include other Asset Classes.

-        Rates from 8%/year on a Revolving Credit Facility.


Structured Finance (UK only):

-        Accounts Receivable, Tangible Assets, Stock & Inventory, Property Assets - in a combined facility.

-        From £1m facility size.

-        Terms up to 5 years.

-        Arrangement fees from 3%.


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