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Financing solutions February 2024

1.      Commercial property refinance (UK, Germany, Netherlands, Spain):

a.      Occupied or unoccupied.

b.      Minimum Euro 1m ticket.

c.      Costs of finance from 9%/year.

d.      Flexible solutions including cross-jurisdictional and cross-asset.


2.      Property asset finance (worldwide):

a.      Needs to be owned by a Jersey or Luxembourg company.

b.      Residential property assets only (except main residence).

c.      Equity release, Bridging loans.

d.      Minimum 1m finance.


3.      Property development finance (Europe & UK):

a.      Max 70% LTV or 80% LTC.

b.      Min 10m, max 100m.

c.      Can include construction finance and/or redevelopment finance.

d.      First Degree mortgage required.


4.      AR & Acquisition Finance (Europe, North America):

a.      Financing based on Accounts Receivable “AR” as an asset.

b.      Minimum 10m, to 200m.

c.      AR finance in any sector.

d.      Acquisitions are considered.


5.      Sale & Leaseback commercial solutions (UK and Europe):

a.      Release cash from your existing property commercial asset.

b.      Solution for businesses to acquire the premises where they trade from.

c.      Up to £10m value transactions.

d.      MBOs and MBIs are considered.


6.      Buy-Now-Pay-Later for B2B marketplaces (UK, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland & Cyprus):

a.      Sales financing solution for E-commerce merchants and Marketplaces.

b.      Buyers can be in Europe, North America, India, Middle East and Australasia.

c.      Embedded Finance in the sales process.

d.      Different currencies supported – GBP, EURO, USD.


7.      Unsecured lending for SMEs (Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands):

a.      Up to €200k unsecured, possible up to €2m secured.

b.      Term loans and leases considered.

c.      Decisions in less than 24 hours.

d.      Transactional events are considered (M&A).


8.      Commodity trading finance:

a.      Agricultural and Base Minerals finance.

b.      AR, AP, Purchase Order, Structured Finance and Letters of Credit.

c.      Flexible options based on stock and inventory.

d.      Cost of finance from 5.7% annualized.


9.      Hospitality finance (Greater London area, UK):

a.      For restaurants, coffee shops with a minimum 2 separate units in operation.

b.      Up to £500k credit lines.

c.      Unsecured.

d.      Limited to the Greater London area only.


10.   Supply Chain finance (UK & EU):

a.      Credit limits from £100k to £5m.

b.      Unsecured.

c.      Payment to suppliers can be done earlier, on a flexible basis.

d.      Cost of finance from 1.3%/month.


11.   Supply Chain Finance (UK):

a.      Credit limits from £20k to £2m.

b.      Unsecured.

c.      Repayment tenor up to 75 days.

d.      Cost of finance from 0,65%.


12.   Cash flow finance (UK):

a.      Secured & unsecured cash flow finance.

b.      No PG required.

c.      Rates from 13%/year.

d.      Can be done with third party guarantors.


13.   Combined Term Sheets for Trade Finance (International):

a.      Credit lines and structured trade finance solutions in one term sheet.

b.      Can be applicable to any company, in any jurisdiction, anywhere in the world.

c.      Mid-market and large businesses are considered.

d.      Combined cost of finance from 4%/year annualized.


14.   Recruitment sector finance (UK):

a.      Up to 100% Timesheet/invoice finance.

b.      PG and Debentures may not be required.

c.      UK-based companies with domestic and international clients.

d.      Cost from 1,5% Utilization.


15.   Marine/shipping sector – port agent prepayments finance:

a.      Specific for international marine/shipping sector.

b.      Unsecured facility for shipping companies to pay/prepay port agents.

c.      Can be revolving, up to 4 months tenor.

d.      Cost of finance from 0,6%/month.


16.   Invoice Finance (Switzerland):

a.      Revolving Loan Facility.

b.      Security is a Non-disclosed Assignment of Receivables only.

c.      Swiss and international debtors are possible.

d.      Usage of facility can be intra-group (if group structures).


17.   Stock Finance (UK):

a.      Identifiable and “Durable” assets only.

b.      Revolving Credit Facility – max 3 months tenor.

c.      Cost of finance circa 1%/month.

d.      Flexible guarantee arrangement but always including Retention Of Title (ROT).


18.   Stock Finance (UK):

a.      Stocking facility for new and existing stock.

b.      Max £300k line of credit.

c.      Revolving Credit Facility.

d.      PG required plus Floating Charge.


19.   Interest-only finance for commercial properties (UK):

a.      Interest-only repayments for commercial properties.

b.      Terms up to 7 years,

c.      Cost of finance from 6,5%.

d.      Any commercial asset considered.


20.   Commercial property finance with ABL facilities (UK):

a.      Adequate for acquisitions where property assets outweigh other asset classes.

b.      Accounts Receivable, Tangible Assets would be considered in the finance mix.

c.      Cost of finance in line with high street banking products.

d.      Debenture and PG required.


21.   E-commerce Acquisition finance (UK, US, Canada):

a.      Common Law jurisdictions only (UK, US, Canada, etc)

b.      Minimum 15% equity contribution from the buyer.

c.      Targets need to be profitable and have affordability.

d.      All-Asset-Debenture required, no Personal Guarantee required.


22.   Independent securitized credit insurance solutions for Trade Finance and Debtor protection:

a.      Could be applicable to any sector, in any country.

b.      Will require a financing facility backed by the credit insurance.

c.      Potentially no security required.

d.      From $100k to any amount.


23.   Unsecured credit line for large projects (UK, US and Europe):

a.      Available for medium and large companies – minimum 20 million turnover.

b.      Max 6 months term.

c.      Doesn’t require Credit Insurance.

d.      No security required.


24.   Sale & Leaseback marine shipping assets (International):

a.      Sale & Leaseback financing solutions for ships - amounts advanced to the shipowner, as a % of the value of the vessel.

b.      Financing for the purchase of shipping companies, using Sale & Leaseback on marine assets.

c.      Up to 50% of the market value advanced.

d.      Repayment terms up to 5 years.


25.   Revenue Finance for E-commerce sector (International):

a.      Lend up to 2 X monthly revenues, as a Revolving Credit Facility. The borrower decides how much to draw down, and when to draw down.

b.      Repayment term is up to the borrower’s discretion – the borrower decides how much, and when to pay, with no fixed term.

c.      Pay-As-You-Use: no usage, no fees.

d.      Security: typically none required.

e.      Cost of finance: from 8,5%/year.


26.   Capital equipment trading Finance (international):

a.      For capital equipment traders – machinery, vehicles, etc.

b.      Finance for the purchase up to 80% of the purchase price.

c.      Margin payment requirement 20% to 30%.

d.      Asset is on consignment until sold.


27.   M&A real estate acquisitions (UK only):

a.      We are now able to finance real estate assets finance in Acquisitions, up to £2m/transaction.

b.      Potentially no equity down from the buyer: up to 60% LTV, marked to market.

c.      Up to 3 years repayment term.


28.   MBI Acquisition Finance:

a.      Dedicated MBI finance – senior debt solution.

b.      UK only.

c.      Term loans from £1 to £8m.

d.      Maximum 3 X EBITDA.

e.      25% Deferred Consideration and/or Cash deposit from the Buyer.


29.   SAAS, Contractual Finance – Acquisition Finance solutions.

a.      Loans with terms up to 5 years.

b.      Typically no PG’s required.

c.      MBOs, MBIs and Corporate acquisitions eligible.

d.      No early repayment fees.


30.   Acquisition Finance “War Chest” facility:

a.      UK Fund will earmark a minimum of £1m for acquisitions, with pre-approved criteria.

b.      Corporate can then launch an acquisition program, knowing there will be finance available whenever a target is found.

c.      No more uncertainty about being able to finance an acquisition.

d.      Available to existing corporates only, not individuals.

e.      UK & Ireland only.


31.   UK equity sponsorship:

a.      Equity sponsorship for acquisitions and MBO’s.

b.      Can be used together with Leveraged Finance.

c.      Requires retainers from £750 to £5k.


32.   UK Acquisition Finance:

a.      Debt lending.

b.      Focus on the target being acquired rather than the Acquirer.

c.      Up to £500.000 maximum facility.

d.      Requires UK-home ownership.


33.   UK, Europe & North America, Singapore:

a.      Stock & Inventory finance.

b.      Revolving Credit Facility with rates from 1%/month, 12%/year.

c.      No monthly charges.

d.      Link to a Receivables Finance solution.


34.   Private equity finance in the UK and Europe:

a.      Are you looking for strategic finance partners in the UK and Europe? Our Private Equity partners can help you grow as well as release the equity locked in your business.

b.      Minimum 5million Ebitda.

c.      UK and European cases are considered, regardless of business sector or level or financial performance.


35.   Government contracts and large corporates Purchase Order Finance:

a.      If supplying a government agency or a large corporate, we can arrange the Purchase Order Finance to pay suppliers.

b.      Unsecured, no PG, no Debenture.

c.      UK and international.


36.   Exporting Goods (machinery, vehicles)? Lease instead of selling:

a.      Equipment purchases may be converted into leases up to 5 years.

b.      Non-recourse to the seller; no PG, no Debenture on the buyer.

c.      Requires OECD government export finance guarantee.


37.   USA & Canada: Unsecured Lending solutions:

a.      Integrated Asset-Backed, Fixed Assets and Stock financing solutions.

b.      Unsecured, no PG or Debenture.

c.      Wide scope, from a few $ hundred thousand to $ hundred million lending.

d.      Established revenue-generating companies only, no startups.


38.   USA & Canada: integrated Factoring and Supplier Finance facility:

a.      For contracts and Purchase Orders from credit-worthy clients.

b.      Solution consists of Purchase Order Finance to pay suppliers, with the main source of security being the Purchase Order from the client.


39.   International Receivables Finance:

a.      If your invoices are paid at 30 days and longer, we can arrange an immediate advance and increase your working capital.

b.      Potentially applicable to any jurisdiction in the world.


40.   International Foreign Exchange (Forex) services:

a.      Foreign exchange transactions can be a big contribution to Net Profit.

b.      Hedging services for Spot and Forwards, in all Currencies, “major” and “exotic”.

c.      Savings up to 5% on costs and rates/year are possible, particularly with Chinese Renminbi.


41.   Government, large corporates Purchase Order Finance:

a.      Government and large corporates Purchase Orders can be finance up to 100% of its value, including the Supplier Finance and Receivables facilities to pay suppliers. Unsecured finance, no PG.


42.   ABL Europe, UK & US from €11m:

a.      European, UK and US Corporate ABL solutions for invoice finance, fixed asset leasing, stock and inventory finance, real estate finance from €11m to €150m.


43.   Reverse factoring solutions:

a.      Reverse Factoring pays your suppliers early through an unsecured facility, enabling you to negotiate discounts with existing suppliers and gain access to new suppliers. A Reverse Factoring facility can be issued next to existing banking relationships or Debentures.


44.   Corporate Bond indemnity insurance:

a.      If you have a corporate bond issued on the basis of a personal assets portfolio, we can set up an insurance which will take away the risk of the personal assets being called as security for the bond, should the bond ever default on its payments.


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