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Our new finance solutions for partners - May 2021

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

It is my pleasure to introduce our new finance solutions to all our partners for May 2021.

All our finance is unsecured and available – where possible - without company Debentures or Personal Guarantees. Most of our solutions can be added next to existing banking relationships, bank charges and Debentures, in the UK, Europe, USA and Beyond.

Commodity Trading Finance (UK, Europe, North America):

  • Supply Chain Finance.

  • “Pay-as-You-Use” Revolving Credit Facilities – no monthly fixed charges.

  • No conflict with existing banking facilities – these could continue to be used as normal.No Debentures required.

Construction Sector Supply Chain finance (UK & Europe):

  • Circa 20% of balance sheet Net Worth.

  • Rates circa 1%/month.

  • Government contracts or civils available.

  • Includes Applications for Payments and Invoicing models.

Receivables Finance (Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iceland, Peru, Brazil, Dubai, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, China, Hong Kong).

  • Receivables advances on strong-credit-quality debtors.

  • Unsecured facilities.

  • Cross-country debtors possible.

  • Rates from 0,5%/month.

Lombard Loans (Western Europe and North America):

  • Collateralized loans available for assets in Western Europe and North America.

  • Borrower maintains beneficial ownership.

  • Non-recourse in case of default.

  • LTV up to 65%, rates 4%/year.

Equipment, machinery and property finance (Canada & US):

  • Financing loans backed by assets on balance sheet.

  • Equipment, automotive & aircraft.

  • From £3m to $50m.

  • Captive Vendor Programs possible.

Integrated Purchase Order and Receivables Finance solution (US & Canada):

  • Integrated solution from Purchased Order to Receivables, back-to-back.

  • 100% LTV.

  • From $250k to $25m.

  • US & Canada government & large corporates Purchase Orders only.

Royalty Finance (North America, Western Europe):

  • Backing strong management teams which don’t want to dilute their share ownership.

  • Repayments up to 40 years term.

  • Minimum £1.2m EBITDA.

  • Shareholder changes, MBO, MBI, Restructuring, Acquisitions.

Invoice credit insurance in Europe:

  • Germany, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Italy, Spain.

  • Invoice Credit insurance for any of your clients.

  • Solutions cost from 0,2% invoice value.

  • Range up to £50m coverage.

Structured Finance facilities (Europe, US, Singapore):

  • Combined solutions for ABL, Receivables, Stock & Inventory, Property.

  • Will consider cross-border and high client concentration including sole client sales.

  • From €5million to €150million.

  • M&A solutions as well as Growth Finance.

Corporate solutions for real estate-centric businesses (Europe, North America):

  • Hotel & hospitality businesses.

  • Distressed and Special Situations available.

  • Hybrid solution including Equity and Debt, from 2 million.

  • Most of European countries are eligible, as well as North America.

International Supplier Finance (Reverse Factoring) - Worldwide:

  • Companies anywhere in the world can now benefit from the advantages of an additional Supplier Finance facility, from a leading US investment bank.

  • Can be set up alongside other existing banking arrangements with local banks.

  • The solution has international scope with all legal jurisdiction included. (unless in “Red” and “Black”-listed countries)

  • Facility could be used by large corporates since limits are not capped.

Personal Guarantee (“PG”) insurance - UK:

  • Personal Guarantee insurance for corporate lending.

  • Covering from 60% to 80% of PG value.

  • Premiums from 1,6% to 3,6% of value of contract.

  • UK only.

North America (US & Canada), Venture Debt up to $5m:

  • High growth stage companies.

  • Recurrent Revenue as well as non-recurrent revenue considered.

  • Equity kicker 1,5% on exit.

  • No Personal Guarantees required.

MBO finance solution (UK):

  • Management Buy Outs only: management teams wanting to acquire shareholders.

  • From £2 m to £20m equity/convertible debt finance.

  • Family succession, Special Situations, Loss-making companies and complex deals can be looked at.

  • UK only.

Capital equipment trading Finance (international):

  • For capital equipment traders – machinery, vehicles, etc.

  • Finance for the purchase up to 80% of the purchase price.

  • Margin payment requirement 20% to 30%.

  • Asset is on consignment until sold.

M&A real estate acquisitions (UK only):

  • We are now able to finance real estate assets finance in Acquisitions, up to £2m/transaction.

  • Potentially no equity down from the buyer: up to 60% LTV, marked to market.

  • Up to 3 years repayment term.

MBI Acquisition Finance:

  • Dedicated MBI finance – senior debt solution.

  • UK only.

  • Term loans from £1 to £8m.

  • Maximum 3 X EBITDA.

  • 25% Deferred Consideration and/or Cash deposit from the Buyer.

SAAS, Contractual Finance – Acquisition Finance solutions.

  • Loans with terms up to 5 years.

  • Typically no PG’s required.

  • MBOs, MBIs and Corporate acquisitions eligible.

  • No early repayment fees.

Acquisition Finance “War Chest” facility:

  • UK Fund will earmark a minimum of £1m for acquisitions, with pre-approved criteria.

  • Corporate can then launch an acquisition program, knowing there will be finance available whenever a target is found.

  • No more uncertainty about being able to finance an acquisition.

  • Available to existing corporates only, not individuals.

  • UK & Ireland only.

UK equity sponsorship:

  • Equity sponsorship for acquisitions and MBO’s.

  • Can be used together with Leveraged Finance.

  • Requires retainers from £750 to £5k.

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